At the peak of Sowia Mountain is located Cameldolese monastery that was founded in 1663. Currently run by five hermit monks. Exclusively the men are allowed to daily visit the part of the monastery that is not for the monks only. Women can participate in Sunday services and the patron saint’s day of a church (the main is on the 8th of September).

The place is situated in approximately 18 km from the Old Licheń.




The most famous in Central Europe archeological conservation area . Excavation has started in 1934 and as a result woodwind construction estates dated before 2700 years had been revealed (preserved in perfect condition). Before the war Biskupin was called „Polish Pompeii”.
Every year in September the Biskupin archaeological festival is held, where guests model pots in clay , shoot a bow, learn how to stir up the fire, and participate in many other notable attractions.

The city is located approximately 92 km from Old Licheń.


The main attractions are the three largest wooden graduation towers, which are devices used to evaporate water from brines. The heart of Ciechocinek is” Grzyb” – a brine fountain.

Opposite “Grzyb” a Spa Park is located –the oldest and the most interesting (established in 1875 ) park in Ciechocinek. In the park there are two interesting structures. The first is a wooden bandstand and the second is a building of a pump room.

The city is located approximately 95 km from Old Licheń .




This is the first Polish capital, which was once the main stronghold of Wielkopolska. During pagan times duke’s court existed here and four generations before Mieszko I the authority was exercised by the House of Piast. Up to the present time numerous historical artifacts as well as precious monuments of architecture associated with the route of the Piast have been preserved.

Worth seeing:  Museum of the Origins of the Polish State, The Royal Gniezno Cathedral (The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Adalbert) along with vaults and treasury, the Gniezno Doors, The brick church under the invocation of St. John the Baptist and St.George church.

The city is located approximately  98 km from Old Licheń.

Kazimierz Biskupi

The church of Five Martyr Brothers raised in the Gothic style with characteristic four-span stellar vault. In the year 1001 at the invitation of Prince Boleslaw Italian monks of the Benedictine monastery Pereum, where during that time the Abbot was Romuald, later saint and the founder of the Order of Camaldolese. From distant Italy two monks came to Poland -John and Benedict. The history of the Five Martyr Brothers were both, interesting and tragic. At present the monastery holds higher seminary and missionary museum.

The city is located approx. 20 km from Old Licheń.




The city is one of the legendary Polish capitals. The city center is the market square with buildings from the early nineteenth century. In the city is located the famous Mouse Tower, which is a remain after gothic castle built on King Casimir’s the Great initiative. The tower is in the shape of octagon with a height of 32m.

The name of the tower comes from the legend of Popiel, though the tower is actually much younger.

The city is located approx. 60km from Old Licheń.


The headquarters of the Regional Museum is tower-less castle built on Lake Gosławickie in the years 1420-1426. One can admire permanent exhibitions:

  • archeological
  • nature and geological
  • and a display dedicated to Konin’s history, enlightenment, patriotic jewellery and jeweller’s  jewellery

The museum is situated approx. 15 km from Old Licheń.




Baroque church and the former Cistercian monastery is one of the most valuable architectural monuments of Konin’s environs. He was rated among the highest – „0” class listed monuments.
Noteworthy are: gothic polychromy, murals and monastery library. In 1939-1941 a temporary camp for priests existed here. Nowadays service is given by the Salesian priests.

Place located approx. 47 km from Old Licheń.